HP Logistics provides worldwide logistical services to facilitate the shipment of your cargo as air freight. SEA FREIGHT SERVICES VIEW SERVICES CONTACT US CUSTOM CLEARANCE This delegation allows HP logistics to help customers simplify the procedures of customs declaration for import and export CONTACT US VIEW SERVICES Freight Forwarding All-included service - Stuffing/unstuffing and handling cargo - Distribution of goods... LAND TRANSPORTATION VIEW SERVICES CONTACT US

HP Logistics

Established in 2013, we have strengthen our local expertise in Vietnam to serve an continuously growing worldwide market. We have a strong team compose of dedicated experienced leaders and active and enthusiastic members, providing fast response and cost-effective solution to our customers and partners.

With a service-oriented mindset, we are aiming to maximize our customer satisfaction.

Our scope of services include:

  • Sea Freight services
  • Air Freight services
  • Land transportation
  • Custom clearance
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Our Featured Services

At HP Logistics, we аrе making research continuously аnd improving оur ѕеrvісеѕ to thе hіghеѕt ѕtаndаrdѕ. Wе оffеr dіffеrеnt ѕеrvісеs rаngіng frоm logistics, warehousing, cargo, transport and other related services.
Below is the list of our current services.

Air Freight Services

Sea Freight services

Custom clearance

Land transportation

our team members

Mr. Henry Pham

General Director

Skype : phamthuanhien

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Mr. Binh Ha

Sales Manager

Skype: ha.t.binh

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